About Us

As one of the few take-away/delivery restaurants to serve certifiedhalal food in Clayton County, Pizza Wali has a deep history in the community that stretches back over 20 years. It all started with one man’s dream to revolutionize the art of pizza-making in his own little way.

Today that dream is still alive and well. Pizza Wali is still a proud member of our local community and is increasingly popular among food-lovers, who soon began thronging at Pizza Wali to get a feel of what true passion for delicious food tastes like, or to re-experience the magical culinary sensations that we serve up everyday. Today, Pizza Wali stands as an iconic fast-food joint, specially loved for its ingeniously crafted pizzas. Having made our mark as one of the best halal pizza makers in town, Pizza Wali offers a wide range of choices for the hungry food-lover.

Our ingredients are fresh and chemical-free

Our chefs at Pizza Wali strictly use only the best and finest ingredients. The produce we use is taken straight from the source, under the careful scrutiny of our experienced staff. Our spices and condiments are specially formulated to maintain their freshness and flavor so whether you’re enjoying pizza night at your place, or dropping in for a slice, you’ll always get those same great Pizza Wali flavors. We keep the products that go into our halal pizzas, hot wings, subs, and more as natural and organic as possible because delicious food doesn’t have to be unhealthy.

We use only halal meat

Pizza Wali is one of the few eateries that serve strictly halal food. Halal food is known to be free from disease causing pathogens and is a medically proven healthier way of eating.

We have something for everyone!

Apart from making some of the best pizzas in town, we also have a number of other items to choose from. Are you a sea-food lover? Take a bite of our perfectly crisped, fried sea-food options. Are you looking for something filling, quick and easy to eat on the move? Try out our fresh gyros,subsor hot-wings. Are you into health and fitness regimes and are looking for a healthy option? Try out our all-natural and fresh salads. At Pizza Wali, we have something special for everybody.

Takeaway, delivery or dine-in – take your pick

If you are looking for something to eat when you are on the go, we have a simple and quick takeaway option for you. And if you just want to spend an evening by yourself or with your friends at home, we can come right up to your door-step with our home pizza-delivery option.

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