Offers a causal and warm dining experience with a specially selected Pizzas, salads and more

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Pizza Wali


Pizza Wali


About Pizza wali

What turns a local pizza joint into a fixture of the community for over two decades? The beautifully crafted food? The fast friendly service? The secret sauce made from fresh, organic, locally sourced ingredients?

At Pizza Wali, we make all these factors come alive to create such flavors and tastes that are almost magical. But it’s not just in the art of making Pizzas that we specialize in. From exciting starters to healthy salads, we promise to deliver you only the best food that our chefs have to offer. Whether you’re a hungry traveler, or a foodie looking to try something unique, our quick bites have something for everyone to try! All our food items are halal. Here’s a quick glance at what we have to offer:


The obvious #1 on our list of specialties is definitely our halal pizzas. While our halal certification makes us fairly unique, what makes our pizzas special is old fashioned dedication. Our chefs have the experience and precise knowledge necessary to make a halal pizza that’s the envy of the county.

Pizza Wali has a long history of being experts in the art (and science) of pizza-making. Our pizzas are made with only the best quality ingredients; fresh organically grown, halal and carefully chosen. No wonder then that Pizza Wali has carved a unique niche for itself in the hearts of pizza lovers!

If you read all that, you’re probably craving a slice right now, well come on down or give us a call and we’ll get a pie out to you in a jiffy! But we must warn you; you may never be able to love pizzas anywhere else!

Chicken hot wings

Soft, moist, succulent and seasoned to perfection- our halal chicken hot wings are truly a delight for the chicken lover. Our chicken hot wings are prepared with the utmost care and expertise to bring out the entire flavor so that your taste buds will be tingled in a way that will make you crave for more! Coated with beautifully prepared gravy, our chicken hot wings are sure to bring you back to us, again and again.


Are you looking for a quick bite to have on the go? Then our subs, gyros and hoagies are specially made for you. Layered with the delicious American cheese, oven-fresh bread, succulent, halal meat and fresh, crunchy vegetables, our sandwiches are the perfect way to satisfy your hunger and indulge your taste buds


On a fitness kick? Well we’ve got some great low-fat and low-carb and high-protein options here for the health conscious too! Our salads are made with fresh, high quality produce straight from the farms. We wouldn’t admit it out loud, but our salads are so delicious they’re almost as good as the pizzas… almost.

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